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Site updates
  • Added new video to the site. "Intro to Onway Association" - 25th July 2017 - Click here to watch it
      • Added new page "Resources" for making available all important resources that Onway Association generate or finds to the members. Click here to view it. - 25th July 2017
  • New page Network is added to the site for easy collaboration among the members. - 25th June 2017 Click here to know about it.
  • Removed Discussion forum - 25th June 2017
  • Terms & Conditions are updated. (Sr. No 12 to Sr.No 16) - 19th June 2017 Read Now
  • Discussion Forum is added to the site to improve discussion among visitors. - 15th June 2017 Click here to view it.
  • Members Area is Removed from the Website. - 15th June 2017
  • Content update in About us Page. Click here to read

Announcements & Notifications

  • First book from the deck of Onway Association " Factors to Pass Exam " - click here to download
  • Hurrey!! Onway Association started making videos and released its first video on Youtube - Click here to watch it. - 25th July 2017
  • Gear up for the Goal program is started to help members in reaching their goals - Click here to read more - 17th July 2017
  • Assessment system will be implemented for Managing committee members from 17th July 2017. For details send a mail to assist@vronway,in - 17th July 2017
  • Planning to start an event on Goods & Service tax (GST) to increase awareness and increase knowledge on new tax regime. Details will be posted soon here. - 15th June 2017
  • Thank you Suresh Katla (M id: 521403M001) for spending your valuable time on creating Discussion forum tool for us. - 15th June 2017
  • Planning To conduct an event which will be useful to the engineering students. Ideas from Members and visitors will be appreciated. Send your ideas to the contact@vronway.in

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