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By: Onway Association | January 01, 2018

The Sole Warrior

By Nageswar Onway

This the story of about how one can achieve their goal with commitment and confidence. At the end of this Story we are going to learn about 2 main steps of success. One is Commitment and the second one is Confidence, And how they helped a person to reach his goal even facing sever difficulties.

Here the story begins,

Once there was a boy named Sid in the Village which is host for many Cultures and many types of Food spices. He used to travel for about 15 kms to his school daily. In his village he is the only kid who travel such a long distance to study and what interesting here is his family is so supportive to him. Daily in the evening when he went to play with kids around his house all the kids will ask...

By: Onway Association | August 29, 2017

Hi Guys,

I want to make certain things clear to you. Which we will do in our regular life even if we know that these are completely wrong. I will take my real life examples to explain them.I want to share my Inner voice. Please read it to end.

I am going to attempt CMA final exam in December 2017 and my preparation is not started yet.
Yep! I have a little time but I am not serious. I am not forcing myself to study for it.
Surprising ? ! Yeah, For me its funny.

Few days back, I started studying one subject. I think I read continuously for 15 mins. After 15 mins I was just like " Oh my God! 15 minutes ! How I Managed to study. I did so much of work today. Let's have a look on Facebook for sometime "
Then I started using Facebook. I used i...

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By: Onway Association | June 09, 2017

Hi guys,

In this article, I want to share my ambition and why no one considering that as a goal at all.

When we ask the question ‘What you become after your studies’. Every will say that I will become an Engineer, Doctor, CA, Entrepreneur etc, But why no one is saying that I will enter into politics?

My strong belief is that one of the best ways to develop country is through Politics. I strongly believe When the Youth step into politics with good ambition and sustain their ambition then No one can stop our country from being the developed country.

But no one is ready to get into politics. Why? Everyone may be thinking that we can't be able to sustain in politics and we can't change society. Whatever we do there will be no use, gradually the co...

By: Onway Association | June 08, 2017

            Hello readers, hope you may enjoy this article. This is not an article this is my life which I experienced , which I learned , which I gained in my life. Now I want to share that memorable moments to all the readers of this article.

Most of the people who talks with me says one thing that my voice has some authoritative power. I was surprised when I here the same response from whom I think that I can't beat their voice. But I think my loneliness makes me so.

      When I was in 8th standard there was an elocution competition in my school. I am full of fear to participate in those type of competition at that time. But my teacher suggested me to participate. I don't know how can...

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By: Onway Association | May 20, 2017

You have completed your today , end your day with happiness. And tomorrow your sun will rise with yesterday's happiness. And the next day with the previous day's......! It goes on....

Just imagine for your sake. If you only had few days to live on this planet.

What would you want to do? Sit and think what your priories are. 

Are you worried about your relationships? 

In a few days you are going to go away; Oops!! you are going to kick the bucket off!! 

Are you worried about your property? 

Are you worried about your friends? 

Are you worried about what you are going to eat? What are your preferences? 

Few days to leave this world, and what are you going to do? 

Of course, You keep living as though u will live for...

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By: Onway Association | May 19, 2017


I have seem most of the people become upset when they did something wrong or when they had taken a wrong step while trying to achieve something. Some people won’t start with the fear of Failure. I don’t think “Thinking it was not possible or difficult and stop trying to do it is correct” I consider it as a big failure.

My another question is Why? Why we need to feel upset when we fail. What will happen if we fail? We tried but this time we failed that’s it. Correct? Moreover if you compare yourself before and after the failure, you will be at your best after failure. You will get more clarity and maturity on what you are trying to do after failure. That means “You are learning from your failures “. One most popular line is there “FAILURE...