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By: Onway Association | June 12, 2017

Satellite Navigational Systems:

      Satellite navigation system is the system that uses Satellites to provide accurate positioning, navigation and tracking of anything. Presently we are using GPS Global Positioning System for navigation purpose. We all know that all our phones are built with GPS receivers. Most of the people did not know that GPS is the Navigational System of America. It is appreciable that America is providing that service for no cost i.e., for free. Like that there are 4 other navigational systems of their respective countries

Glonass  -  Russia

Beidou   -  China

Galileo  -  European Union 

Quasi Zenith  -  Japan   

IRNSS   -  Ind...

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By: Onway Association | June 05, 2017

Most of the people are not aware that you can do bank transactions in your phone without the help of Internet. That means you don’t need an android phone. A simple Java phone with a mobile number that you had registered it in your Bank. You can send the money to others’ Bank Accounts if you know their Bank A/c No. , IFSC Code or VPA or Mobile No. or Aadhar Number. Moreover you can check the balance of your bank account, view the details of your last five transactions etc;

How to start?

You just need to dial *99# from your registered mobile number and for the first time it will ask that in which bank you have the details. You can just type your bank name or first four letters of your bank IFSC Code. It will only fetch your bank details and ...

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By: Onway Association | May 15, 2017

Wanna Cry, a Cyber Attack demanding Ransom, is making the

nights of the Anti-Virus Programmers sleepless from two days.
Since its presence started (on May 12th, 2017), it spreads unprecedentedly
on a large scale affecting about 162 Countries. Many so called Tech
Countries like USA, UK are not exception for that.
Starting from the Scratch
Moreover the entire story has started in the US itself, NSA (National
Security Agency) the most well-known security agency for Secrecy and
Surveillance in US has found a major bug in the SMB Protocol (Server
Message Block) in Microsoft Windows Operating System and developed
a tool called ‘EternalBlue Exploit’ to attack the Windows Operating
Systems. A group of Hackers called Shadow Brokers has stolen this tool
from NSA...