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Let's Take a Step forward

By: Onway Association | August 15, 2017

As we did for last May attempt, this time also we came up with book of factors to be considered for passing CA exam.

Click to download - "Factors to pass exam" book.

Hope you will love our initiative and we welcome your feedback on oi.

Please give your feedback in comments. Thanks

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By: Onway Association | July 17, 2017

Dear Members,

We are planning to have a platform which will help you to achieve your goals.

We believe working in team is multiple times better than working lonely. But we have a barrier here. We may not now who can work with us. There may be so many people who interested in our goals and who can work with us. It is beneficial for us and for them also but only constraint is we don't know who are 'They'. 

To fill this group we thought to take an initiative where we will invite all persons asking to join with you if they have similar goal.

We will create a new private group in this site which will be accessed by those who are accepted invitation.

So you can work together and post in that group and discuss in that group.

So when you visit that ...

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