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Let's Take a Step forward

By: Onway Association | May 20, 2017

You have completed your today , end your day with happiness. And tomorrow your sun will rise with yesterday's happiness. And the next day with the previous day's......! It goes on....

Just imagine for your sake. If you only had few days to live on this planet.

What would you want to do? Sit and think what your priories are. 

Are you worried about your relationships? 

In a few days you are going to go away; Oops!! you are going to kick the bucket off!! 

Are you worried about your property? 

Are you worried about your friends? 

Are you worried about what you are going to eat? What are your preferences? 

Few days to leave this world, and what are you going to do? 

Of course, You keep living as though u will live forever. U hang onto things as though they will be there forever. We forget that we are leaving in the madness of losing everything. Isn’t that your only problem? 

A girl didn’t smile at you or a boy went with somebody else! What are you worried about? Where will they be? 

Do you want get burned with this relationships. 

We are burnt into ashes along with the things around you; Forgetting that u r wasting precious life and me. 

A friend of yours behaved badly with you and hurt you. So you hate him or get into depression because of that situation. But ,what actually hurts you is your foolishness. Let them behave the way they want! 

But you want everybody to be on your railway tracks. You have created a preset railway tracks for people, and you want everybody to travel on those tracks. The moment they cross the tracks, you will start getting disappointed. How can you get over it? What do u think of this foolishness. 

Just wake up and look! Neither of you are going to be there forever! You will both be kicked of from the earth someday. You won’t even be able to recognize that you are exist and if you continue to live like that, nobody will even take care of your name. Nobody will even know that u are existed on this earth. Just think, Where are you to begin with? You feel that one person did this to you and another person did that. We carry such stupid things with us wherever we go! And even when we leave this life We will be remained with these stupid things. A door mat can remove the mud from your feet, but if you carry mud in your head. What can remove it? 

Being nonreactive is what you need! If people have behaved well with you and been friendly to you, thank them for what they have done for you. Don’t become a burden on them. The whole world needs to understand this;

If they did something bad to you or been badly with you Just feel it as they are unmatured and ignore their behavior. 

Everyone is firing for nothing! Every moment gives you some kind of knowledge. Whether it is good or bad. Knowledge doesn't simply meant to be gained from books or this foolish education. It is everything you experience in your life. The thing lies in the knowledge which you accept. You must accept the one which will be useful not only for u but fr this earth. When you are going to leave this world, Think for those who needs your help. This is where we believe to live longer even we die. Please, Live at least for a day before you die. 

Actually i have to give a  knowledge based article,
But in my point of view The way we live gives the knowledge, that is why I gave the article on our lives.

Thank you,

Kamesh Onway

I am glad to write this article for you all Thank you Onway.

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