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By: Onway Association | June 08, 2017

            Hello readers, hope you may enjoy this article. This is not an article this is my life which I experienced , which I learned , which I gained in my life. Now I want to share that memorable moments to all the readers of this article.

Most of the people who talks with me says one thing that my voice has some authoritative power. I was surprised when I here the same response from whom I think that I can't beat their voice. But I think my loneliness makes me so.

      When I was in 8th standard there was an elocution competition in my school. I am full of fear to participate in those type of competition at that time. But my teacher suggested me to participate. I don't know how can he find my talent that I don't know. Infact I have failed in that competition with my worst performance. Though I didn't tried to win I was worried for that failure. Even though that teacher keeps believing me. After that competition he didn't give me any chance to participate in my school level competition. Almost 1 year he kept me aside from competition in my school. He always supposed to take those who wins in the past competition. At that time I feel and I thought if I win in the past I can participate in much more competions in my school.

      But suddenly when I was in 9th standard there was a district level competition for high school students. My school requested the teacher who gives me a chance to select the team for district level competition. At that time that teacher without hesitation raised my name at firstly. I was really shocked after I know that I was selected for participating in that competition. Even my school management didn't accept me to participate in that competition. But that teacher fight hardly and finally I was participate in the competition. I was shocked after seeing the participants in that competition. I confirmed that I will fail again. But my teacher has full confidence that I can only achieve. I am the last participant in that competition.

       After seeing the results of the competition my whole school was shocked along with me except that one teacher who suggested my name. Because I am the district level winner of that competition and there is a gap of 5 years for my school to won in the district level competition. On that day I came to know about my talent. In fact my success of my life also starts from that day. 

      Finally what I want to say by this article. 

"Never let yourself down"

"Keep confidence on yourself"

"Everyone has some inherent talents if you are failing in one thing doesn't means that you are a failure you just postponed your success"

H o p e y o u e n j o y e d t h i s a r t i c l e I w i l l b e b a c k a g a i n w i t h t h e a r t i c l e .

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C.bramha varshini

Posted on : June 23, 2017

Good article nageshwar<br />
Keep going like dis :)

C.bramha varshini

Posted on : June 23, 2017

Good article nageswar<br />
Keep going like dis :)


Posted on : June 23, 2017

Good article Nageswar....<br />
Keep going like dis :)


Posted on : June 11, 2017

Its very nice.


Posted on : June 08, 2017

It&#39;s good<br />
Keep it up

Nageswar Onway

Posted on : June 08, 2017

Tq guys for supporting me


Posted on : June 08, 2017

Good.Believe in yourself. Keep going.

L.Chandra Reddy

Posted on : June 08, 2017

Good article Nageswar .believe in yourself

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