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By: Onway Association | May 19, 2017


I have seem most of the people become upset when they did something wrong or when they had taken a wrong step while trying to achieve something. Some people won’t start with the fear of Failure. I don’t think “Thinking it was not possible or difficult and stop trying to do it is correct” I consider it as a big failure.

My another question is Why? Why we need to feel upset when we fail. What will happen if we fail? We tried but this time we failed that’s it. Correct? Moreover if you compare yourself before and after the failure, you will be at your best after failure. You will get more clarity and maturity on what you are trying to do after failure. That means “You are learning from your failures “. One most popular line is there “FAILURE IS THE STEPPING STONE OF SUCCESS”. I know most of the persons will treat it just as a line. But….! It is a fact. Failure is really a stepping stone for your success because failure will improve your way of thinking, knowledge, will power, commitment, confidence etc.

I know failure may decrease your confidence. That’s why I marked it in bold. But if you think “it’s not the failures which demotivate you. It is the fear of others which demotivates you”. What others will think of you? How to go out with face of failure? How to face them? How to answer their questions? What to do?  Just shut off all these useless questions. Yes others will ask so many questions, they will make fun of you, they will laugh at you but remember the same people will come to your feet if we achieve your success. They don’t have any other goals except talking about the world. Why you should have to consider them? Don’t consider them even as humans also. Take their words as challenge and prove them that they are wrong. Go on in your way with increased confidence.

I already mentioned that “FAILURE IS THE STEPPING STONE OF SUCCESS” is the fact. This does not mean that stepping stone is created as soon as you fail. You have to build it. It’s in your hands to make failure as stepping stone. Failure gives an opportunity to know what is real, what is fake, whom you can trust, what you can do, where you can improve, what you have to do. Don’t miss the opportunity just because of outside environment which is not even 1% of your life.

I am supporting you. Yes I am supporting you, because I am treating you as the person who takes initiative. If you don’t take initiative, I won’t be there on your side, because you are already fully occupied by the darkness of failure.


I have seen some people who think lot, who know lot but they won’t take initiative. I don’t know the reason exactly but I can surely say that they are not learning from their mistakes. They will have time to watch movies, play cricket, chat on social media but they don’t have time to do something which can move their life to next level. Weird thing about them is they don’t even support those who have taken initiative also. Please don’t be like that. Think… Why you were there? Why you are still there? What you did? What you can do? Questioning yourself is the best way of teaching yourself.

If you think you can, you can. I can, you too…


Suresh Katla

Thanks Onway Association for giving me an opportunity to share my experience. 

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