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Let's Take a Step forward

By: Onway Association | August 29, 2017

Hi Guys,

I want to make certain things clear to you. Which we will do in our regular life even if we know that these are completely wrong. I will take my real life examples to explain them.I want to share my Inner voice. Please read it to end.

I am going to attempt CMA final exam in December 2017 and my preparation is not started yet.
Yep! I have a little time but I am not serious. I am not forcing myself to study for it.
Surprising ? ! Yeah, For me its funny.

Few days back, I started studying one subject. I think I read continuously for 15 mins. After 15 mins I was just like " Oh my God! 15 minutes ! How I Managed to study. I did so much of work today. Let's have a look on Facebook for sometime "
Then I started using Facebook. I used it continuously for 1 and half hour. Very good, Right? I focused on something for 90 minutes continuously. But, Bad thing is It didn't value anything to me and my life. And Worst thing is I know it. 
While using Facebook, My Inner Voice Questioned me. It didn't let me sleep that day.

My Inner voice says " Why I am using Facebook when I have no time for preparation? and I know using FB is not going to do any thing for my life. Did I turn as Insane? Did I lose my mind? "
Yes, It hurt me lot. I was very near to crying on that day. Because on the day, I realized I am killing myself and my development. No body is stopping my growth. Villain for my life is 'me'.

Entire night on the day, I was thinking, why I am behaving like this? Why I have no self control? Why I am more attracted towards waste things that don't add any value to me?
I started thinking about my past. I started thinking about my Present. I started thinking about my Future.
Yes, I have great plans ahead to do. But I am doing nothing now for them and that nothing is being continued from long time.

I wasted lot of my available time and I stared giving dummy excuses to my self. I read for 1 hour and I waste 4 hours and I excuse myself saying " What's this yaar! as a human we need some rest. Some entertainment has to be there in between ".
But, Do you really think it's correct excuse. No right?. I am deceiving myself.

And Why I am writing all this here is " I observed same thing in 90 out of 100 youth." and most probably those 10 are the ones whose stories who read for inspiration and whom we try to follow (But we don't follow actually. Whatever it is we should accept this.). Yes, Those 10 are great persons because they did great things and they choose to be great.

I have seen one post in Facebook. It's really good.It's related to recently released Tollywood movie named "Arjun Reddy". I hope you have seen it already as now we love to miss life rather than missing a movie.
 That Post contains lines " After watching Arjun Reddy, Everyone is trying to show his attitude but no body is trying to be a topper and successful person like him."
That lines are 100 % correct. Do you agree? If you don't agree. I am sure that you still deceiving yourself. If you don't want to agree, Carry on I don't want to disturb you in the act of deceiving yourself.

Point I am trying to say is " We are more attracted towards bad than Good. We are more interested in time pass rather than doing something productive. We are more selfish and we don't think about others. and it goes so on...... "

And I will share one more funny thing I encountered in Facebook. ( Again Facebook hahahah.. I already mentioned I obsessed with Facebook ).
Post is " One person loves one girl. That Girl cheats him. He will decide to suicide and before it he will share one post describing their love story and scolding that girl. and asking readers to share this post. " 
Funny Right? But we the great youth of India will give ultimate importance to it. Everyone will start sharing. One after another, one after another and it goes on forever.. Shit! I am irritated in blocking all these shared posts.
and in contrary, I have seen so many posts in Facebook which are really useful but with very very few likes and shares. No one cares about such post. Because we need entertainment, who needs growth, that's and all time waste. If I ask to share this article, "Who will share this?". I bet "Most of the people don't read it till end."

I want to say some incredible things WE do.

We will get more emotional when someone says bad thing about our favorite hero or cricketer. But the same we don't care if world laugh at ours incapability of living good life and our family position.

We will use words like " He is my God. I will Die for him" for one unknown person. But the same we torture our parents ( who are real gods ) for money to watch their films or shows or functions or other (whatever rubbish it may be).

We will destroy public assets and beat innocent people (Now trend is Killing) in riots for politicians or Religious babas. But the same we don't think " What if we and our family affected because of that ".

We will spend hours and hours of time spending wastefully in Social networking and Useless activities and doing nothing. But the same we say " We are very busy you know! I can't participate in social contribution activities and personality development activities."

We will through comments and criticize great people, who worked hard to reach that position, by simply sitting in chair at home. But the same we have no recognition in society at all.

We will blame for Government for not managing country properly. But the same we don't know how to manage Personal and professional life at a time.

and Like this I am getting 100s and 100s of things in my mind. But I can't mention all those here.

Do you think we are going in the right path? Do we think we are utilizing our available time most effectively?  Definitely "NO". We need to improve ourselves.

Then at least now start moving to right path and making best use of available life time. Everyone will have good life goals and plannings. But, No body will try consistently for that. That's why we fail always. Don't let this happen to you.

I decided. I am not going to waste my time further and Whatever I do. I will ensure that it will add value to me.

I don't think we don't have opportunity to develop ourselves. We can spend at least a hour day for it. (very less in my view). First we need to create same environment for this to achieve, otherwise chances of diversion are more.

We can create such environment by doing the same common thing which will add value to us repeatedly or joining some club or society or association or other having objectives of self development.

I was successful in creating such environment.

When I see my recent past, the only best thing I did is joining this Onway Association. They didn't do anything great to mention here but because of environment here. I changed lot. Now I am writing all these only because I involved in this Association. Otherwise if it was same old me. I might not have cared for it. I will be wasting my potential time on Facebook.

When I join this association, They mentioned it is for Knowledge sharing, Experience sharing, Doing something good to society, and supporting each other and self development.
Being the part of great youth of India, First I selected "NO" for their proposal to join this Association. Later they motivated me to join this. But I forgot the purpose of why I joined. 
I thought no one doing anything in this association. It's fully idle. Initially, I thought joining this association is useless. But, I had a wonderful conversation with one of the Managing committee member. That changed my perspective regarding everything.

Part of conversation that influenced me is:

Me: Why this group is idle?
Other: First answer this. Why you are idle?

Me: No body is doing anything. I thought they will do something but everyone was silent. So, I too remained silent.
Other: That's answer for your question. Everyone is thinking in the same way how you are thinking. They too waiting. One of the main problem with us is " No body wants to take initiative. Every one will wait for others to take initiative so that they can follow that.
But they forget one basic principle " Those who takes initiative will become Leaders, others will remain as followers ". Do you want to be Leader or follower?

with that question, My thinking started again. What he said is correct. Everyone We consider now as great people, Mahatma Gandhi, Abdul Kalam, Sr.NTR etc etc, everyone did something that others can't. That is the reason they became great people. I think that is the reason, why tagline of this association is " Let's Take a step Forward. " Thanks Onway Association.

I thought if everyone of youth takes initiative and adds their potential output to economy of India. We might have been developed right now? I don't know economics much but I am sure situation will be much better compared to now.
Why I am writing all this is " at least few who are reading this article will realize their mistakes and will improve themselves. so, My article will become trigger for some ones better future. "

I request all youth to take your life as serious and make best use of available time. You have the potential to make anything possible. You can make this country developed. You can bring all people above poverty line. Everything lies in your heart.

"We always should listen to our heart. Our brain may contain garbage but our heart don't". I realised, I decided to change myself, I decided to develop my life, I decided to draw my life in most beautiful way. Those who have the same feeling, Join me. Comment below.

And one more thing I want to share with you is 

Onway Association is planning to start "Youth empowerment project" in near future. They want me to be leader of this. First, I didn't show much interest but now I am going to do it even if they step back.
It's main objective is to empower the youth and develop them in all possible aspects so that it will help in their better living.
It broadly covers the aspects of
1. Youth Empowerment
2. Personality Development
3. Idea Development (Innovation)
4. Team Growth
We will release full detailed booklet on this project soon. Those who are interested can join us. Comment below for your consent. Those who are not members can join association to become part of this.

Generally I don't like to ask sharing of post. But, I want this post to reach as much persons as possible. I request all of you to take a moment to share it with your friends. Even one person realize their mistake, I will be more happy. Thanks.

I need one team to work with me to bring the best out of youth. Those who are interested can reach me by following ways (or comment below)

Facebook: http://facebook.com/sureshonway

Instagram: @sureshonway

Gmail:        Suresh.onway@gmail.com

Mobile & Whatsapp:  7981902491 

This is my Inner Voice. You may have adverse opinion on this.

Thanks & Regards,

Suresh Katla

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Posted on : August 30, 2017

First of all thanks Suresh for making this article. I thought to stop
using social media (facebook,whatsapp)after my result as it was
negative.I uninstalled the two on that day and after 2 days i again
installed those two as i couldn&#39;t make out with out them. They are
like tempting sweets.<br />
A sugar patient should control himself even after seeing sweets, because
he knows it will effect his health. There his a force -self control
should act not to eat sweets.<br />
<br />
The same example we people can apply in our life, we can know our self
that what is lacking with us is &quot;self-control&quot;.<br />
<br />
I think the initiation u made helps us in this regard,and i request all
to join the project.<br />
<br />
Thank you once again Suresh.<br />

naga sai

Posted on : August 29, 2017

Hi bro. Thank u so much for making such a useful and excellent article.
As I am ur junior by looking ur name I started reading this. I excepted
that this will be good but it was more than my expectations. whatever u
said is 100% true. U took a step by making our minds to think
positively. I hope this will give good results. Once again thank u so much.

Ambati Supriya

Posted on : August 29, 2017

When I opened this link , first I have seen the length of the msg. It is
too long. I thought to skip. But I decided to start reading. When I
started reading, I felt that 100% this msg suits me. I came to know how
i was wasting my time. Thanks for making me to realize. Whatever you
mentioned in this is exactly correct in my case. It is very nice
article. Thanks a lot for sharing thus article suresh.

manvitha katla

Posted on : August 29, 2017

This is a most valuable msg u shared.. And thanks for sharing ur
experience and making us to realise our mistakes. Even i too faced such
type of situation many times . But we should have hope on ourselves to
move ahead..every day is very precious ... even i wasted many of my
valuable days...but now i think i can start working on it to come
through myself...once again thankyou for sharing such a valuable msg..
Even i am interested to support for the upcoming project i.e, youth
empowerment ..

Nanda kishore

Posted on : August 29, 2017

Hi suresh..I hope u read this comment..&quot;It is a great observation u
made there..thanks for sharing &amp; I hope a strong, interesting &amp;
good deviation in real life is a simple solution for it&quot;. This is a
small trick I used in my life. Hope it may help whoever read this comment.


Posted on : August 29, 2017

First of all thanks to Suresh. we know that what we do, is this right or
wrong, is this useful to us or not ,but mostly we do wrong things. It is
really truth because I am one of the person. But when I heard about some
motivational class l can change my mind but after two or three days my
mind become normal. After reading this I am trying to control my mind
because i think self motivation is best to us. I am very happy to
become a part of such useful thoughts. Once again thanks.


Posted on : August 29, 2017

Hii bro iam ur junior as like all i also usually ignore all the articles
but i taught the post which was shared by suresh is some what useful to us....<br />
As expected the content of article is 100% true and fair.... Thanks for
sharing me this article<br />
Upto now the way what i think is not in right manner...<br />
I need to change and get success in my precious life...

mahesh mahi

Posted on : August 29, 2017

Every First what u c is the best...!! That&#39;s what everyone
says,,,and yup...it&#39;s really true. I actually ignore articles that
seems lessons,just go for reading entertainment articles. But this
article make me really very boost up towards my life that actually I am
using to live and it perfectly shows how I make a way to fail that what
I need to achieve. And myself I will make sure that this article will
progressively make me realise what I need to done,what I need not in my
regular life. Finally thanks to my love Suresh for such an inspiring
article and congrats actually for being the initiative what actually
being called &quot;a leader&quot;.

Sai bhargav

Posted on : August 29, 2017

It is 200% in my case.... I have not completed my GRP 2 yet... After
coming from office... I feel tired to concentrate on studies.. but I
feel comfortable with social networking... Trying myself to be away from
that.... Takes time but trying for that....


Posted on : August 29, 2017

I am ready Suresh, to be a part of a useful thing and to take an
initiative and I also accept all things what u said but the turning
point comes when every person realises, the time of realisation point is
very important and it plays a key role on development of him


Posted on : August 29, 2017

At a beggining while i started reading this article, i thought to stop
it as it was lengthy one. But while i came to realise that whatever i
was reading is almost about myself too, i continued ut till end. <br />
Iam really ashamed of what i was doing with myself.<br />
I was just playing with my valuable life.<br />
But thanks for this article suresh, which made me realise my bloody mistakes.<br />
Atleast from now i will try to change my life, which makes my family happy.<br />
Love you once again suresh

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