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By: Onway Association | January 01, 2018

The Sole Warrior

By Nageswar Onway

This the story of about how one can achieve their goal with commitment and confidence. At the end of this Story we are going to learn about 2 main steps of success. One is Commitment and the second one is Confidence, And how they helped a person to reach his goal even facing sever difficulties.

Here the story begins,

Once there was a boy named Sid in the Village which is host for many Cultures and many types of Food spices. He used to travel for about 15 kms to his school daily. In his village he is the only kid who travel such a long distance to study and what interesting here is his family is so supportive to him. Daily in the evening when he went to play with kids around his house all the kids will ask only one question i.e., why you are travelling such a long distance even though there is a school in our village. At that situation the boy is not able to answer to those questions and he came to their parents and asks for the answer. And from that time boy started arguing with their parents that he will not go to that school which is far from his house. One day his father said to the Sid to do one thing while going to the School. What Sid’s father said means just observe the surrounding things and people while you are travelling to school for a week.

[Sid always when he goes to the farm along with his father he used to say to his father that he will become an automobile engineer in order to reduce the efforts of his father in the farms while working]

Sid started observing surroundings while travelling to his school. One week Completed Sid’s Father asked him about what he was observed during the week. Sid started telling about all the things he observed. In that conversation Sid said about an old man to his father like this “Dad! I am not understanding why you are asking all those things. But I have a doubt in the things that I observed daily. There was a hill on the way that we passed daily. There was an old man who is breaking the hill solely without any helpers. How can he think that such an old person can break that huge hill on his own”

Then that father replied like this “My dear son this Sunday we will go to that old man and clarify your doubts from their”. That Boy felt very happily and eagerly waiting to clarify his doubts.

Sunday came and both Sid and his father went to that old man. Sid asked like this to that old man “Grand Pa! This hill so huge and you’re trying to break it from a long ago. How can you think that you can finish this task on your own, why can’t you take help from any young persons who can work efficiently and effectively than you”

Then that old person replied like this “Dear Child! You’re asking about my capability how I can do this task? But you don’t know about my commitment and my confidence to do this task.

Soon you will be going to learn them. So, now please leave this place so that I can work to finish this task”

From there both Sid and his father came to their house. Sid asked his father “Dad! That old person said about commitment and confidence, what does they mean”. Father given a beautiful reply to his son “My son! Commitment means a clear framework of what we want to achieve and Confidence means setting up that commitment to work towards our goals. If our commitment to achieve a particular target and knowledge about our strengths is strong enough then we can achieve our targets with ease. The only thing we have to do is never letting ourselves down and never lose hope on our abilities”.

Few days passed away that boy finds that there was no hill there where the old man used to work. It was completely demolished. From that day Sid started searching about that old man. He was so worried for not finding him. One day his father asked him why he was so worried. The boy explained the reason. Then Sid’s Father said “My son! That old man is not an outsider. He is your grandfather and he is waiting in the farm for you, go and meet him there”. Sid rushed to his grandfather and asked how he can demolish that a huge hill on your own. His grandfather replied like this “My son! There should be nothing huge in-front of your target. For example, If we take 2 people who were extremely Skilled and trained in Karate but one person is blind and other person is not a blind. In fact to say Non blind person has more capacity to win over heavy competitors than blind person. One day in a tournament both blind and non-blind person participated. The blind person won the tournament and non-blind person lost the tournament. But the competitor of blind person is more powerful than the competitor faced by the non-blind person. The only reason here to win/lose is the more confident you are, that makes more chances to win. Because of low confidence non blind person (more skilled) lost the tournament and because of self-confidence that blind person won the tournament. It’s only our level of confidence and commitment which ensures success to you”.

Sid has understood now how his grandfather has demolished the hill on his own. But still he didn’t understand why his father tell to observe the surroundings. He immediately rushed to his father and asked that why he asked to observe the surroundings. Then his father made his son to realize about his dream to become an automobile engineer. And said that “when your aim is high never think about the obstacles that you face and what others talk about. A Ship can sail when water surrounds it but the same ship shrinks when the water enters into it. Our life is like a ship, as a ship reaches to its destination with its own capabilities and confidence without allowing water to enter into it like that our life will reaches to a destination called success if we keep moving without considering what others talk about us.”

Finally the moral of the story is Never let your confidence and commitment down in order to get the desired result.

Thanks for reading. 

Very Happy New Year.

Thanks to my colleagues & friends for lending me hands to shape out this output in a perfect manner.

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