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By: Onway Association | May 17, 2017

Greatness of India:

  India is a great country. It is the second largest country in terms of population and seventh in terms of area. India is a country with rich heritage, different cultures and traditions and strong values that’s why our country is called as Sub-Continent. Despite of these strong factors still we are developing country. Why India is developing country? Many of us will show our fore-finger on corrupt politicians, businessmen, lack of infrastructure etc., and here we are forgetting that remaining four fingers on our side. Here I have made some view points where we are going wrong and why India is still developing nation.

Values - What our values are teaching us? 

  We give much importance to our family. We are shown as an example for joint families, emotions, affections etc. We are taught to respect elders right from our childhood. “Athithi Devo Bhava” which means “guests are equivalent to God” is the concept originated in our country. Unity in Diversity is also one of the principles followed by us.

What we are doing?

  • We are taught to respect elders but many are leaving their parents roadside as soon as they become older.
  • We are taught to treat guest as God but we are not following it.
  • We are taught to strictly follow rules by the teacher but we see the same teacher violating those rules.

Education System - Killing Creativity

  Since from childhood our education system is like “no objection to what teacher says” type. It is killing natural creativity, innovative skills in the child. They are not encouraged to raise their voice in class, particularly when they disagree with the teacher. For example teacher says birds fly in the sky then children will also accept that and end up there. They will not think “How birds are flying and why we are unable to fly?”  In fact no subject teaches us innovation and creativity.

Lack of Practicality

 Our present education system lacks creativity and practicality. Up to our post graduation stage we are taught all subjects theoretically but not practically. It should be changed. If we clear these loopholes I am sure that India will produce more persons like Mr.Sundar Pichai and Mr.Satya Nadella.

Lack of Initiative

  Since most of the population in our country are youth. They should take initiative in whatever field they are. We have a fear to do new things and we don’t want to take risks, This is why many end up with working under corporate houses. At last, the person who takes risk and who fought all failures will succeed and other persons who don’t will regret their decision.

When someone asks to take care of a plant, No One will care. When it becomes tree with fruits, everyone will fight for it. But that tree and fruits belongs to the person who had taken initiative to care the plant when others don’t.


This is the mighty ghost which is prevalent in India. Still mainly of the voters are voting based on their caste. If they (politicians) belong to their caste then those voters do not care anything like how good he is and does he do good to us they blindly vote for him and make him King. I think this can be changed through literacy. Literates should educate latter ones that how those politicians loot their money if they blindly vote them based on caste.

Along with these factors there are many factors like lack of technology, poverty, overpopulation that makes India still developing. But the above points are those where we are going wrong. If we fix those then there will definitely be some sort of change in the country.

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