Onway Association
Let's Take a Step forward

A bit of our Initial Journey

How we Started?

We observe that a person will go to temple and ask god for the help in solving their problems. But I didn't see any god helping him directly. But gradually his problems started to disappear as his friends, relatives and great beings in society helped him. We need to realize one point that God is everywhere. He sends humans to help other humans. We realized that whether good or bad to a person is being done by another human only. It's not his bad luck or otherwise It is other person wish to do good or bad. We can solve any problem if some good human beings joined hands together.

We started exploring the world in search of humans who are willing to help others. In other words we started searching god in every human being. we are very happy that so many people are ready to give hands to those who need help. We started to associate together that gradually has given birth to this Association.

We are Onway to help when one of us needs help.

When we Started?

Idea to start association raised in the June month of 2016 and slowly we started getting together and framing our idea in a structured manner.

Later we formed a Managing Committee consisting of 5 members for monitoring the objectives and activities of association on 13th November 2016.

We conducted our first committee meeting on 27th November 2016. That we consider as birth date of association.

This website is started on 20th December 2016 and domain is named to denote our unity. We are Onway (vronway).

Don't have money to help? Who told money is the only means to help?

Do you know that there are several ways to help your fellow members other than money? Only thing you need is WILL TO HELP. Let's see what you can do


Knowledge Sharing:

Knowledge is one of the thing to which we can not assign a price. Can you?

Don't you think sharing your knowledge is not a great help?
For us it is a invaluable  help.


Experience Sharing:

We believe experience is the best teacher of life.

Share your experience and help us in overcoming our weakness.

Now say Can't we help others by sharing our experience also?

As a family member, We can also do something for you.


Have a inborn talent?

Searching for the opportunity? Let's  tell us we will help you. Our family consist of members from different geographical areas and from domains. Do you think at least one member also won't  be there to help you in fulfilling your passion?


Need support?

Don't  think anything. Ask us we will always be ready to support our family

member. Whatever  it may be we will try our level best in helping our family.

What we can do together?


Interested  to debate and argue?

Hahaha we will always surpass you in this case.  Take a concept of your own and start a debate. We will make it super interesting. Note just friendly quarrel😁😂


Achieved something?

Get ready for the party😉😉 Remember we won't leave you. Let's celebrate  together and make it a unforgettable  moment.

Our Motto


Always be the first to take initiative. Otherwise  world will surpass you.

Our Two Principles

1. Be the first to ask for support

2. Be the first to support others.

We will show you the real enjoyment in being together. It's our promise.