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To whom this Event is for?

For those CA students who are going to attempt IPCC exam in May 2017.

What is it for?

To share tips for exam and motivate the attendees.

Note: Tips shared here based on personal experience of persons who are presenting. These may differ from person to person.

Presenters in the event:

SURESH KATLA - AIR 3 in CPT, IPCC Pass, Articleship in Chennai.

RUPESH GRANDHEY - IPCC Pass, Articleship in Bangalore.

VENKATESH MAALE - IPCC Pass, Articleship in Bangalore.

What are the requirements to participate?

Video Conference: Smartphone/tablet/PC, Good Internet (3G or 4G Recommended), Zoom App.

Whatsapp Group Chat: Smartphone/Tablet, Internet (2G/3G/4G), Whatsapp

How to Participate?

1.Fill Event Registration Form and submit it.

2.Our team will reply with details. Selection of the person for event is at the discretion of Committee. Submission of the Event registration form does not imply that you will be selected for the event.

3.Video Conference: For this you need to download Zoom app and register in it with email id provided in Event Registration Form. If you selected you will receive a link to join meeting or we will send a meeting id which you can use in Zoom App to join meeting.

4. Whatsapp Group Chat: A whatsapp group will be created in which you will be added if you are selected.

Event Time:

Video Conference: 16th April 2017 at 10:00 am

Whatsapp Group Chat: 16th April 2017 at 8:00 pm

Event time may change if any operation difficulty arises. You will receive a notification when it is changed.

Event Duration:

Video Conference: 40 mins

Whatsapp Group Chat: 1 hour for non members and 2 hours for members.

Duration may increase for the members based on opinion of most and committee discretion.

Eligibility for the Event:

Members: Video Conference, Whatsapp Group Chat, Video Conference & Whatsapp Group Chat

Non Members: Whatsapp Group Chat


1.Information Provided by you will not be shared with anyone.

2. Those who misbehave or use non social words or make unaccepted comments will be removed from the session without prior notification.

3.We are not doing it for any monetary benefit. We just doing it only to help our fellow persons to our best. If you don't like remain silent, Don't discourage others.

4. Your details such as Name and Mobile number or email id will be visible to all participants during the session as we are using Whatsapp and Zoom Apps. For any kind of misuse by any participant, Onway Association or persons involved in it will not be liable.

5. Person submitting Event Registration form will be treated as consented for our terms and conditions and read all disclaimer points and consented for them.

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