Onway Association

Let's Take a Step forward

Network of Onway Association

It is created to increase communication among members and make activities in Onway seamless. It is provided by Mighty Networks. We are very thankful to it.


  • Member needs to register to the network before start using it.  Click on Join us to register. Click on sign in to login if already registered.
  • You can use your existing Facebook or Linked profile to sign in to the Onway Association Network
  • On the right top of the page after logging in, You can see Menu button and chat button .  
  • Options Available in Menu. if you click on Menu button (dotted) then following options will appear. Click on ' + " to create a new post/poll/event/question. Click on respective icon to see the posts/polls/events/questions of members.

  1. Polls - You can create a opinion poll which will be visible to all existing members of the network and they will give their opinion
  2. Questions - You can ask questions to the members. 
  3. Posts - You can have posted your timeline feeds posted using this option
  4. Events - You can create your events to keep track of them and remind yourself and your friends.
  5. Members - You can see the existing members list and their Profile.
  6. Topics - You can see the topics on which discussion is going on in the network and you can follow it to prioritize posts and polls. Topics are created by Committee.
  7. Groups - You can see the existing members groups and members in it. Groups are created by Committee.
  8. Drafts - Left something in the middle! No problem It will be saved automatically in the drafts you can complete it whenever you find time.
  9. Invite - Invite your friends to Network of Onway Association using this option.
  10.  Text me the App - You will get the link to download "Mighty Network" app on your phone. You can download it from the Play Store also.
  11. Share This Network - Share the network of Onway association on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Mail.
Note: Click on "Add topic" option at the time of creating post or poll or question or event so that members following that topic can easily find your post.
  • CHAT/Messaging: This is the feature to chat with existing members of Nerwork. You can do individual chat or message in the single chat of Onway Association having all members.
  • Click on your profile pic on right top to view your profile and Notifications for you
  • Add info to your profile to find new members. Systems will automatically group members based on their profession and interests.
  • Follow members to keep updated with their activities.
  • You can set the notification preferences by visiting settings page. By default notifications will be on for all categories available on the network. Click on settings>edit.
  • Be cautious that save or proceed options will be on Right top of the screen unlike bottom in other sites.

Mobile APP:
  • You can Download the APP from Google Play store (Android) or App store (iPhone). or click on " Text me the app" option to get the app link on your mobile as text message. 
  • After downloading the app, Click on Find Network button and search for "Onway Association" . Then Onway Association Network will appear and click on it to login to the Network.
  • If you already registered on the website you can use the same credentials to login to the APP otherwise you need to register in the APP.
  • After Submitting the required info you will receive a mail to activate your account on app. Click on the link in mail to activate your account.
  • After activating you can use the mobile app. 
  • You can set the notification preferences by visiting settings page. By default notifications will be on for all categories available on the network.
  • By default notification will be sent to Mail. You can change it to Mobile to get notification from the app itself.

Contact Committee members for any doubts in usage of website or App version of Network. Give us feedback to have your part in the improvement of Onway Association.

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