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Terms & Conditions
Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

1. Filling of the form does not constitute the membership. A person deemed to be a member only after completing training phase and he elects to continue in the association and is approved by all the committee (or any member of the committee authorized to do so.)

2. Access will be given to the training group only after filling the membership form. Addition to any Onway Association by any manual default does not give any membership rights.

3. As soon as member added to training group, he will be bound by all the terms & conditions.

4. Committee with majority consent entitled to join or eliminate any member from the Onway Association at any time.
5. Committee (or any member authorized to do so) can alter or introduce or delete terms & conditions with or without any notification and it will bind all existing and incoming members with immediate effect. 

6. Use of any advertising or explicit or marketing or any other content that considered by the committee as covered under this term are strictly prohibited and appropriate action will be taken by committee. 

7. Every member has equal rights in Onway Association. Restricting the rights o any member or interfering in their rights in any way is strictly prohibited and corrective action will be taken. 

8. Complaints from the members regarding non compliance of Onway Association general practices or terms & conditions by any other member or committee member will be entertained. Any member can complaint on other member in the Onway Association but final decision will be with the committee members. Onway Association reserves right to secure the details of member complaining and the information he provided. 

9. Logo or name of Onway Association cannot be used by any member except for the activities that directly or indirectly linked to Onway Association and approved by committee. 

10. Committee can take corrective action on members not complying with terms & conditions or not following their general responsibilities and duties. 

11. Details of every member are shared with every other member and members joining should be treated as consented for this.

T&C regarding Monetary Support

12. We committed to support our members in all possible ways to the extent we can do. For that we may collect money from members and give it to the beneficiary. No money will be collected without members will. Every Contribution to Onway Association activity is Voluntary and is at members free will.

13. We will take due care in checking the reliability of the claim and provide complete documentary proofs to the contributors.

14. As a committed association we decided to support those who takes initiative to join us i.e members. Eligibility: 1. Beneficiary should be member of association as on the date of transfer and we support our member family also provided they should submit necessary proof for the relation. (family consists of father, mother, siblings if any)

15. Documents to be submitted for the claim: 1. Aadhar card or any Govt id of the member, Aadhar card or govt id of family member if support is for family member. 2, Bank statement for the account to which contribution to be transferred. Name in both should match, if he beneficiary had no account then account of any family person can be given along with his/her aadhar. 3. Other documents as specified by Managing Committee from time to time if they consider them as necessary.

16. Entire details relating to the contribution will be provided to the contributor on request made by him/her (Contribution statement having all details and documents will be sent to his registered mail id). Contributors can choose to hide their name in the contribution statement. Ref number will be shown instead of Name. Contributor can choose this option at any time before transfer is made to the beneficiary.

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